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Mommy Domme

mommy lounging on a bed covering her nipple with a hand bra

We all know I am a woman of many facets & interests but I fear there is some confusion about what some might see as contradictory roles.

I want to be clear with you - none of my roles preclude me from any others.

I may be a strict sadist but as anyone who has spoken with me knows that doesn't make me any less of a kind-hearted, fun-loving jokester.

I am definitely a mean girl but that doesn't mean I am not also nurturing when I want to be. Just because I can bully with the best of them doesn't mean I cannot also soothe psychic wounds. Any dominatrix that pretends her role must only be played as a cruel element of destruction is a neophyte missing the mark.

Get you one who can do both.

Make no mistake, I am cruel & it gets me off to be cruel but if you belong to me (or you've submitted to me) you know my tenderness is born from a legitimate desire to make sure my toys can be played with again instead of left broken.

Mommy (or Mami in my personal D/s relationship) is a title I wear proudly with a number of my boys - they know my presence is all at once nurturing & fearsome. They recognize that duality can exist & have felt the full spectrum of it.

Don't let preconceived notions of what I am like or what a Domme is supposed to be keep you away. Like you, I am multifaceted & complex. I am not a wooden persona & I hope you aren't either.

Want someone worthy of the title Mommy? Let me make you my own.

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