Send an Introduction: 


Options for interaction are limited only by my imagination & your ability to pay me for my valuable expertise & time.

Regular, owned slaves are subject to their own personalized recurring tribute schedule that allows for much more freedom of interaction.

Inquire about long-term servitude here

Cam Sessions: 

                         $50 / 5 mins

                             $75 /10mins

                             $125 / 15mins

                             $200 / 30 mins

                             $300 / hour

After 10pm I do not accept bookings for less than $100 💋

Phone Conversation:

via Skype/Google Hangouts/alt app

                                        $2 / minute  

  Trance-focused calls $2.50 / minute 


Custom Audio:

Short Instructions - $25 and up

Produced Hypnosis Audio: $7 a minute

Provided Story / Script reading: $4 a minute

Custom Video:

Some content extra, inquire via email.

                                $10 a minute


Texting, Clip & Picture Sessions:


Send $20  & an email with your app & screen name to receive a friend request from me & an introduction.



Tithe: a payment, historically 10% of annual income, one makes to their house of worship

Tribute: a gift of gratitude & appreciation made to a Goddess

Payment: an exchange of money for goods, services & time rendered


There are only two submissive dispositions that concern me: those who pay me because they believe my attention is a precious commodity


those who pay me because they feel compelled, deeply, by the need to do so.

All others are damned.

Below is a comprehensive list of ways to get to me what I deserve – comprehensive means there are no barriers. Here you may express the gratitude that possessed you the moment you learned my name, earn my acknowledgment

& set your reverence down in stone. Want to be considered as a long-term pet & side-step tit for tat? Submit a request. Wish to book me directly? Piecemeal interaction rates are available above & paid for via one of the methods below. 

Good boys send payment first & introduce themselves after. First impressions mean everything. The correlation is strong.

Tithe + Tribute + Pay + Bleed + Sacrifice


To send tribute send an email to with the subject:

"Trying to Pay: [your name]"

& I shall grant you a payment address.

Amazon GC can be purchased via my wishlist below & are appreciated as gifts but never payment.

Tribute/Gift only methods are in bold, all others can be used for both gifts & payment.

Cash.Me, Venmo & GoogleWallet all offer anonymity with the right settings. No names required. 

Physical Currency & Gifts:

 R & R

    147 W RTE 66 


Glendora, CA 91740






Crypto is tribute only - stablecoins may be used as payment