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A Virgin's Experience: testimonial

Tickling is the hard limit I have encountered the s a road block to my inner school


Feel free to tweak anything as you see fit! My nipples are still super sensitive 😂

So admittedly this was my first time ever doing anything like this and I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t a tad bit nervous. I have to tell you though, my nervousness was met with excitement and passion from Mistress Rum Dolor and immediately I felt at ease. I had requested a tickle torture session but what I got in return was so much more! She asked me thoughtful questions about what I desired for the time I was there, helped me explore other kinks I may be interested and listened to what I had to say. After she tied me up, she absolutely destroyed me and tickled me merciless but was so much fun to interact with the entire time. I have never had more fun in my life! I am now hooked... not just on tickle torture, but hooked on meeting with Mistress Rum Dolor! I have no desire to ever meet with anybody else, and as a matter of fact, I’ve already booked my next appointment!

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