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Before contacting me, familiarize yourself with the answers to these frequently asked questions. I'm not in the habit of repeating myself.


Hard Limits:

  • Raceplay (religion ≠ race)

  • Involving non-consenting parties

  • Crushing                                               

  • Scat

  • Switching

  • Anything Illegal


Obviously, I reserve the right to turn down any request not listed here if I damn well please.


Can I pay to meet you/ speak to you / stare at you:


Obviously, yes. It's the only way you can access me. I’m not in the habit of expending energy on strangers without appropriate compensation and you’re probably not either. Asking for free attention, discounts & haggling are huge turn offs & will get you blocked.



I prefer cash, obviously. My taste is very particular, veering towards vintage, handmade and bespoke so Etsy & Ebay gift cards are safe bets. Amazon cards are great for everyday expenses. You can find my shopping list here - the gifts there ranges from inexpensive sundries to extravagant indulgences, I love receiving gifts big and small.  


Looking to bring something to our meeting? I love receiving tribute tucked into books- my tastes are wide and varied but you can find a list of titles I have my eye on here.


I do not wear perfume or any overwhelming lotions.  


You may send flowers to my mailing address or current location if you’re lucky enough to know it. I love orchids, lilies & irises. I prefer live plants to cut flowers.


I wear a size 9.5 in shoes. Aesthetically, I’ll always choose gold over silver or platinum- though sending any in its pure form as an investment is just fine.


The gifts I adore most are pragmatic:



Can I pay your expenses?

Of course. It brings me joy is to find every aspect of my life covered by doting slaves.

You may adopt one (or many) of my monthly expenses, either on a one-time basis or as an on-going contract. Inquire politely for details.


Do you sell anything personal?

I sell anything I find amusing to sell. Inquire via this form for details.



I’m based in Southern California, in SGV & LA, making my time zone PST.  I travel all over California. I frequent Portland, Dallas & Chicago. I do travel throughout the year, you can request my travel to your city here.


What can I do for you?

Serving in person isn’t limited to the confines of a traditional dungeon session. I love spending face time with slaves in restaurants, shopping, casinos, etc. Shopping requires a $500 minimum to be handed to me in cash up front. Cash point meets require a minimum of $300. All other non-traditional sessions will require situation dependent tribute at my discretion. 


Can I be in a film with you?

If you’re an industry professional, contact me. Let’s discuss! If you’re a slave, filming is $750 an hour, subject matter at my discretion & I require that you've booked at least one live session with me prior to filming. If you don’t want your video to be released a privacy fee of $500 will be added.


How can I interact with you?

The potential for remote interaction is unlimited. Email, video & chatting are all possible via various platforms. I also create custom audio, photos & video. A guideline to my rates for all modes of interaction can be found here .


Who are you?

Earn my time & find out.

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