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Content Ahead

tattood redhead with curly hair holding a crop in lingerie

Some of you may or may not have noticed that I've begun to load content onto the various 3rd party websites I belong to - lucky you.

Thus far I've made photosets & a voice sample available for the peasantry to consume in preparation for my upcoming video & audio files. If you're a fan of my live sessions this is a blessing straight from your Goddess - the ability to bask in my presence when I'm busy or you're too broke for the real thing.

I've made sets available for purchase in these places but that said, I much prefer to have them purchased directly. Until I can get my website-based store working you'll have to rely on emailing me to inquire about buying one of them but it's worth the extra hassle to know you're giving 100% to me. No middle men. No cuts. All for me, as it should be.

Check out what I've blessed you with:

IWantClips - My cut: 70%

Niteflirt - My cut 70%

Kinkbomb - My cut 60%

Here's the thing tho- see those percentages? Insulting aren't they? If you must have your fix now those options are fine. But remember, if you can wait patiently till I answer your email Mistress always looks more favorably on patient, thoughtful slaves.

Keep an eye out, boys. Big things are happening.


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