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What you have been before discovering me is only relevant as cannon fodder. Who you have pretended to be, the mask carrying you through, has no power once you cross my threshold. There is no hiding from me, you will find yourself confessing everything. What you must be out there is antithesis to what you truly are & what you need to be to kneel before me. My obsession is truth, my pleasure is connection, my end game is catharsis.













-Tease and Denial 

-Masochistic Exploration & Catharsis 

-Total Power Exchange & Contracts

-Predicaments & Challenges

-Daily Discipline & Control      

-Chastity Training

- Keyholding


-Behavior Modification 


-Forced & Encouraged Intoxication 

-Intimate Control

-Femdom Indoctrination & Worship

-Religious De-programming

-Goddess Worship & Conversion

-Financial Domination & Regulation


-Blasphemy & Ritual

-Psychosexual Domination

-Reprogramming, hypnosis & otherwise

-Lite to Extreme Humiliation & Degradation

- Sexuality ( Slut ) Training 

-Forced Bi

- Lite to Extreme Physical Sadism

-Total Feminization

-Femininity Lessons

-Cash Point Meets/ Human ATM

-Pheromone & Scent Indoctrination

-Cuckolding & Cuckold Training

-Ego Assessment & Adjustment​​​

-Socio-Political ReEducation 

& etcetera, 

according to my whims

Male personas come in a limited range of shades, hobbled by expectations, perverted by an unnatural, conspiratorial status quo. Success of the conspiracy is a grand illusion; male power is a façade crumbling. You’ve come to this conclusion on your own, having sensed the cracks growing wider every time you lay eyes on a woman. It’s within my power to use your easily employed biology to form you anew & use you for my purpose.  To rid you of resistance, prejudice & programming is a mercy that only the worthy can earn.


This is not merely a game of slap & tickle- I have an agenda.  Men hoping for tailored titillation should look elsewhere. In handing the reigns over to me you will find the burden of your fraud lifting & the light of truth giving succor to your wounded, flimsy soul. You can feel how tightly my words wind around your ego, how loudly they resonate in the most conscious parts of your psyche. If you’re ready to divest, cut your losses and begin transcendence these are just some of the ways I amuse myself & service my agenda:

These are my missions & methods - not menu items. I'm an artist & an experience, not a service. If you understand this then I invite you to learn more about me:



femdom about to receive ass worship on top of her money fetish and a bible for extra blasphemy fetish
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