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Mistress humilates her slave with a slave contract and foot humiliation

Psyches are my principal playground but I entertain live session requests from polite, intelligent submissives.

You are required to review my FAQs before submitting your request - there you will find hard limits, interests and everything else you need to know before you kneel at my feet.  Do not waste my time or yours by applying without reading the rules.


I hold traditional, unorthodox, ritualistic & hypnosis sessions in a well-known dungeon in the Arts District of LA & all over the country.  After receiving your deposit, I will conduct an initial interview & negotiation without power dynamics. Your honesty throughout this process is crucial.

I'm a physical sadist, enjoying impact play, CBT & medical play particularly but my real passion is pushing my pets emotionally, exploring boundaries & creating a lasting connection.

My goal is to make you to give yourself over without reservation. 

Hoping to bask in my company outside of the dungeon? 

My social rates begin at $250  & adjust at my discretion. I entertain traveling, shopping trips, cultural outings, fine dining & public humiliation scenarios if they pique my interest. I never meet with strangers without a deposit and an interview.

I am available for multiple domme sessions & have many dominant friends, mention this request in your application if you're interested.


I do not provide illegal services. If you make any explicit requests in your application, it will be deleted. If I cannot confirm your identity for screening then I will not see you.

Screening goes most smoothly if you provide your legal name.

All information that passes between us is strictly confidential, encrypted & disposed of after screening. 

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