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Maybe if I spoon-feed this process to you boys you'll  be more likely to adopt the method. Cryptocurrency is a compelling argument for many reasons. My principal motivation is the anonymity & of course, my own amusement. Findoms are aroused by all kinds of currency, didn't you know?


Difficulty sneaking money away from the kitty? Stealth made easy-  hide your sordid activity from concerned parties under the guise of investment. Crypto is the newest plaything for investors and entrepreneurs who profit from trading it at a markup.


While blockchain transactions can be monitored (no concern necessary unless you've pissed off NSA, DEA, FBI etcyour wallet address gives no indication of owner identity- total anonymity, funny considering you tell me all your secrets anyway.  Monero is totally anonymous. The icing on the cake? You're providing me with an asset that will appreciate if I keep it in the market (or flip it)- a gift that keeps on giving.



Coinbase is accepted in the US and the UK. It allows instant transfers from CC & debit that go directly to your Coinbase wallet. ACH transfers are also available but take a few days to process.


LibertyX – A handy local exchange app – Exchange website accepting most payment options from most countries


Don't see your country? Google “bitcoin ATM” (high exchange fees but most anonymous) & “bitcoin exchange [country]”- there will be P2P trading options like that will connect you with someone who will sell you their coin via cash meet, bank, cc, wire transfer, you name it - there’s a trader for it. 


Bitcoin Wallet: 1QATTxkrysnjUtTkTDVvQXznPpn2GfuAP5

Ethereum Wallet: 0x5064220f601eee811c9d02c10eae55eba534ff24


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