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" Are you one of those findoms "

Not all Christians are Catholic. Financial domination is not the center of my every interaction with servants but it is the load-bearing concept.


I recognized my power in adolescence & played it to the last note but personal dalliances didn’t satisfy my cravings. What do I crave, above all else?

Power. Influence. Puppets.

Doing emotionally exhausting work that I excel at for free? Allowing men to swear their loyalty to me without any investments to back their oaths up? I'd have been foolish to continue that way. I slipped into professional domination easily & discovered how pleasurable real, tangible power exchange can be. Men gave me their obedience, their adoration and most importantly, their money - the only real power, psychic and tangible.

Every dime represents a moment of their labor, precious hours of life, which they chose to dedicate to my satisfaction. Social capital is dependent on how you earn, how much, how often. Under capitalism it is the only acceptable measure of success. That's got nothing to do with my ideology but I am as beholden to the rules as any of you- I must have money to eat, to move, to live.

You trade your time and expertise for capital. You exist in drudgery because there was never an alternative option. You fulfill your duties & wait to retire or die, whichever comes first. You participate successfully in the social structures you're bound to and yet purpose still eludes you. There is little that is unpredictable. You wither.

Until you discover a woman like me. Specimens like yourself, the same everywhere -bored, aimless, broken - endure daily life & when you reach for a cure you find me: a product of capitalism, existing inorganically, a creation of the conditions inherent in the system, thriving off of "participators" while I build a rogue state. You bought it. I don't have to.

Women are the creators of life & the ultimate culmination of every male effort. Your end game is our attention, no matter how you slice it. I've chosen to stop perpetuating the myth that we’re unaware of this. I've chosen to commodify access & let you earn that attention in the most direct way. Why wouldn't I commodify a natural, sought after asset, practically a necessary utility? That would be wasteful.

I don't identify as a "participator" - participating in traditional capitalism as a woman means I'm handicapped from start to finish. It is impossible to perform & thrive without a procession of insecure men sabotaging me along the way. Why would I enter a rigged contest? I'd rather run my own race. What better way to compete than to weaponize what they'd use to hold me back?

You want my light. I want to live a tailor-made life. I can do that. I may not incorporate financial domination into every session but I will always get what I want before you get what you want- without exception. And you want what you want so intensely you will pay the price to get it.

You want a purpose, to luxuriate in the shade of my power looming over you, holding you, to bask in my beauty & charm- whether findom is your fetish or not, you recognize that relief is a commodity. You pay for every other commodity according to value & this one, as you know, is priceless.

Some of you pay me because you need to bask & so pay the toll however grudgingly - this isn't about you but you should be taking notes. The rest of you pay because you revel in funding a rogue state, because you'd like to live that way but you'll settle for watching me. You pay me because the excitement of trading hours of your life away in the blink of an eye, only to receive a smile in exchange, gives you a sense of second-hand rebellion. You pay me because seeing that smile makes it all seem worth it. You pay because you find yourself hitting those buttons without questioning how you got there. Paying me is an opportunity to pursue the greatest thing a man can hope to meet: his purpose

So maybe giving me money doesn't automatically make your dick hard -that's fine - but I'm not interested in obtuse servants who don't see my intrinsic value, who feel entitled to our femininity & skill instead of respecting it as an asset with a rightful paywall.

Findom doesn't have to be your fetish but you will respect it as the terms of engagement. I'm disgusted by men who expect to taste the sweet fruit of my acknowledgement, of any commodity, without sweating for it, as if they were special, as if they were immune. I cannot escape capitalism & neither can you.

So let's cooperate & pervert it together.

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